Get Over It! ***NEW!***
Autobio graphic novel published by Secret Acres.
A breakup story.
104 pages

The Girl Who Was Mostly Attracted to Ghosts
Samantha just can't seem to stop dating ghosts.
A fictional story about the hazards of a haunted romantic life.
Translucent vellum overlay, hand painted cardstock cover.

06/2013, 24 pages
Also available for digital download from Gumroad.

It Doesn't Exist, a collection of mythical stories
A CAAP grant funded mini with a letterpress cover. It includes stories about a unicorn and a dodo bird who throw dinner parties, a fictional building that imprisons anxietys, and the mythical quest for perfection.
Limited edition of 500 books.
06/2012, 40 pages

Freshman: Tales of Ninth Grade Obsessions, Revelations, and Other Nonsense
Fictional YA graphic novel
The story follows four friends through their tumultous first year of high school.

Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Signed copies available upon request!

07/2011, 112 pages

*NEW*! Buzz #4
A fourth collection of short, nonsequitur comics. Features suggestions for new coffee beverages, ideas on new ways to wash your face, and imaginings of inanimate objects on blind dates. AND MORE.

09/2012, 16 pages


Vegetables in Disguise Print
8″x10″, digitally printed in archival quality inks on felt textured paper.

Chicago Zine Fest
Artwork for the 2015 Chicago Zine Fest
Third Coast Audio Festival
Illustrations for the Third Coast Audio Festival
Tools For Peace
Illustrations for "Stop, Breathe, and Think," a meditation app
Cicada Magazine
July/August issue, 2013
Illustrations for RadioActive, a youth media program from KUOW in Seattle.
Animated GIFS for Symmetry Magazine
Animations depicting ideas for physics-inspired Halloween costumes, designed with Sandbox Studios
Chicago Magazine
Comics made for Chicago Magazine's "Sketchbook" page. 2012.
Symmetry Magazine
Illustrations for Symmetry Magazine, a journal about particle physics.
Illustrations for the website Narratively.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Holiday comics for the Philadelphia Inquirer
Logo for True Nature Foods and Rabbit, two Chicago-based food companies
Genuine Scooters
Catalogue Illustrations
Comics collaboration with Anne Elizabeth Moore for
It Doesn't Exist
Comic story from CAAP Grant funded minicomic, "It Doesn't Exist."
A Letter from Flaubert
Comic illustration for The Graphic Canon, Volume II.
Ghost Story
Excerpt from the minicomic "The Girl Who Was Mostly Attracted to Ghosts." You can find it in its entirety, in book form HERE and HERE.
Fat is Not a Feeling
A comic about body image
My Alaskan Summer
Excerpt from my Xeric funded graphic novel, "My Alaskan Summer," a personal story about a summer I spent working in Alaska. Published September 2008.
Is It the Future Yet?
Three stories about the future
Barnyard Etiquette
Barnyard Etiquette is an illustrated column that appeared monthly in the Philadelphia Inquirer, 2009-2014
The Good Hair Day Scientist
Fictional story about a woman who becomes obsessed with perfect hair.
Personal work, short humor strips.